fireant mound treatment

I have a large fireant mound in my front yard that just appeared. I knew they were in the region but have never had any on my property. How can I treat it so they don’t sting my family and what can I do to make sure they don’t come back?

Fireants are persistent and tough but they can be knocked out quickly with the right approach. If this is your first attempt at treating a mound, I suggest you first read our on line article about FIREANT CONTROL. As you’ll learn, one of the fastest ways to control any mound is by directly treating. This should be done by drenching. This way the ants can’t relocate.

And as our article explains, the best product to use for drenching is our CYPERMETHRIN. It’s quick acting, easy to mix and easy to apply. Just follow the directions explained in our article and you’ll be able to safely kill that mound in minutes.

Once you’ve treated the mound, let it settle and dry before you proceed on to step two. This next step is what you should start doing once every couple of months to insure no new ants build mounds in your yard. For this treatment, you’ll use some MAXFORCE GRANULES lightly applied on top of the grass. Foraging ants in your turf will find it, eat it and die. Applications can last 1-2 months and should prevent new colonies from being established and a little bit goes a long way. At 1 oz per 1800 sq/ft, it only takes 1.5 lbs to treat an acre so it’s quite cost effective. For fireants, there is no better bait.

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