fire ants in the home

I have been treating my yard for fire ants and seem to have them under control, however, I am now seeing signs of them inside the house, on the shower floor.  The shower has an exterior wall.  What is the most effective way to eliminate them?  Baits I use in the yard would take longer than I would want to have them around.
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Would appreciate any information you can provide.


If you take some time to read through our FIRE ANT CONTROL ARTICLE, you’ll see that most of the time we recommend “staking and drenching” with CYPERMETHRIN when nests are accessible and generally located outside the home. But once inside, things change. At the end of our article, you’ll see we recommend using the PHANTOM INSECTICIDE. This is definitely the way to go. Get it applied throughout the home and use some of the PHANTOM AEROSOL if you can’t use the liquid in all the places you’d like to treat. Personally I use the aerosol 99% of the time because it’s unique formula goes on “dry” so when applied properly, you can’t even tell anything has been sprayed. Of course I’m not treating an active problem since I use it all the time to prevent them from getting inside but if I did have a problem inside, I’d go with the liquid and the aerosol to get the best coverage possible.

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