fireants on citrus trees

We have a number of different fruit trees in our yard, and fire ants have been found on one of the citrus trees. Is there a safe and effective product to get rid of these ants without “poisoning” the fruit as well? Thank you.

There are several organic options that can control fireants foraging or nesting on fruit trees. The best is the MULTIPURPOSE INSECT KILLER. Treatments won’t last long but the spray will kill them so if you hit them daily for a few days you should kill enough to shut down their nest. Alternatively, if you know where the nest is located, you can drench is as explained in our FIREANT CONTROL ARTICLE.

We also recommend spraying the yard down with some BUG PATROL. This is another organic spray that can handle ants. It’s best for large areas and comes in a “ready to spray” container that hooks to your garden hose. Use this around the trees; use the Multipurpose concentrate mixed with water on the trees.

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