maxforce granule application question


I’m about to apply the maxforce granules in my yard and I’m wondering how do you spread 1oz. over 1800 square feet? I’ve read your fireant control article and did the drenching which worked great. Now I want to stop new ant mounds from appearing so I want to apply this stuff properly.

If you ordered the 10 oz or 6 lb jar you’ll notice the top has a flip lid. One side is for bulk applications but the other side has small holes through which only a slight amount will flow when “sprinkled”. It’s best to walk around tipping the jar ever so lightly so a “dash” comes out here and there. Though this might seem like nothing at all, to an ant every granule is a lot of food. If you monitor the level in the jars, you can gauge when you’ve applied the right dose as you move about sprinkling it out.

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